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Metal Hammer Review PageMetal Hammer (Greece) has printed an album review of "The Calling" in their May 2014 issue, #353!!!


Metal Hammer (Greece) Album Review -Translation:

 "This column always had a soft spot for good American power metal. Bands like Crimson Reign show that there's still future in the genre. Their debut is an interesting offer, marrying "catchier" ideas with dark timbres that unearth memories of more obscure acts like Mystik, Barren Cross, old Icarus Witch or Attika. The more "easy-listening" parts brought some faint memories of Raising Cain but generally speaking, their darker parts make most of the comparisons with other bands of the genre seem invalid, as Crimson Reign seem to carve their own path. The result sounds quite interesting, with rich guitars and clever climaxes inside the compositions, while the production is also helping a lot in the final result. The only debatable part may be the lack of sharp riffs that take the first role, as we're accustomed by US power metal, but in this case, this scenario acts in favor of the whole atmosphere. A much promising debut. We're waiting for what's next." -Metal Hammer Magazine




Rock Hard Magazine: February, 2014 Cover

German metal magazine Rock Hard has printed an album review of "The Calling" in their February 2014 issue! They compare it to very respectable heavy metal artists saying: "If you like late songs from Iced Earth, Attika, or Mystic, then you should really listen to the debut album of the US-metal band Crimson Reign!".

Image of Rock Hard's review of "The Callng"

Rock Hard is one of Europe's most respected and  widely distributed metal magazines boasting 80,000+ prints each month and distribution to over 20 European countries including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland!